97 # May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1

97 #  May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1
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96 # Feb - May 2016 Vol 24-4

96 # Feb - May 2016 Vol 24-4
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95 # Nov '15 - Feb '16 Vol 24-3

95 # Nov '15 - Feb '16  Vol 24-3
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It's always fascinating to see how others tackle similar problems to the ones on our farm... great to get that little 'light-bulb moment' when you find something which will work. We've made quite a few useful things from your magazine

Mike Davies, Chester

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Electronic grain temperature gauge spear made using 10 Lidl thermometer

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Dear Visitor,
    Information overload: there's too much to take in, far too much to act on. Magazines and the infinite internet all provide 'free' info but the problem is that 90% of this information is funded by product advertising. That's why I publish this magazine without adverts.
    My aim is to cover topics that readers wouldn't think of searching Google for. Not trending topics covered by everyone. Unlike many farming editors, I farmed for 25 years.
    It gives farmers a "that's interesting!" moment.
    Try it out - I can promise you won't be disappointed.

Best wishes,  Mike Donovan, editor


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