97 # May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1

97 #  May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1
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96 # Feb - May 2016 Vol 24-4

96 # Feb - May 2016 Vol 24-4
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95 # Nov '15 - Feb '16 Vol 24-3

95 # Nov '15 - Feb '16  Vol 24-3
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We're farming in very tough times. It's highly unusual for corn, meat and milk to decline at the same time (remember 'up horn, down corn?') but of course this is what happened in 2014.
    Back in 2013, when wheat was near £200 and milk over 32p, and ambitious farmers were expanding and borrowing, I wrote:
"Rising land prices provide security, and also problems for farmers. Borrowing against an asset rising in value such as this is always very compelling, but the repayment comes not from the asset but from the income which it creates. Take on any financial obligation with your eyes wide open…." (PFI Vol 22-2 Aug 2013). Advice which, from the perspective of 2016, has been shown to be spot on.
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Best wishes,  Mike Donovan, editor


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