#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4

#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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#115 Nov2020-Feb 2021 Vol 29-3

#115  Nov2020-Feb 2021  Vol 29-3
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#114 Aug-Nov 2020 Vol 29-2

#114  Aug-Nov 2020  Vol 29-2
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Before I start building or adapting a machine, I turn to Practical Farm Ideas. I don't know how many times I have flicked though my copies!

Robin Benbow, Welshpool

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'Editor's Notes’: wry (and honest) commentry

Practical Farm Ideas magazine Vol 25-2  farming on Salisbury Plain

Converting road tankers to safe, efficient drinking troughs / Dutch ventilation for cattle sheds /  Carrier cultivator gets folding drawbar to tow set of rolls  /  chaff collector... and more

Practical Farm Ideas Vol 25-1 Herefordshire farmer; Groundswell No-Till farm visit

Renovating a 4 flatbed trailer / rear light rebuild / Quicke adaptor for David Brown loader / 6m Carier box drill goes direct into linseed stubble / Focus on steel - the benefits of high strength

Practical Farm Ideas Vol 24-4 Mobile cattle handler; renovating grassland

Made it Myself  trailed mobile cattle handler is top spec / renovating grassland ideas from specialist / busy contractor makes triple axle trailer / Financial: forming trusts for farm succession and lasting power of attorney is vital article

Practical Farm Ideas Vol 24-3 Driverless tractor; cow cubicle brush

Dairy innovations cut costs / mini-dumper converted to cubicle cleaner / driverless tractor has diesel electric transmission / visit to no-till conservation farmer Tony Reynolds in fact fillled report

Since 2013 each issue includes...

Soil+ Cover Cropping International

The first soil management section in any UK farm publication. Hands-on ways to convert to no-till; selecting cover crops; improving soil structure and fertility

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practical farm management - arable; livestock; dairy; farm finance; soil management; international farm news.

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 STOP PRESS - Tractor tyre inflation

Michelin tyre expert David Purdey calls for Central Tyre Inflation as Deere option*

In a wide appraisal of tractors by Bedfordia Farms on their 2425ha, their new Deere 6250Rs  are fitted with the latest Michelin 650/85R38  and  600/70R30 AxioBib with VF technology which can operate at 40% less pressure or carry a 40% increased load at similar pressure.  
Although 9psi is suitable for transport too, Michelin suggests inflation pressures up to 6psi higher for intensive road use can optimise ride quality and improve wear characteristics. “Short journeys are fine but for longer periods and higher speeds, operation at 15psi improves ride quality and the tractors feel more stable,” says arable manager J J Ibbett. 
“We would like to see central tyre inflation added to the John Deere options list for even better results from these tractors and tyres.”

* the new issue includes a 'Made it Myself' Central Tyre Inflation system built for €485 in all new parts.  

  -  legal - company structure, succession
  - See more at: https://www.farmideas.co.uk/#sthash.oUK2VPII.dpuf


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