#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2

	#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2
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#117 May-Aug 2021 Vol 30-1
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#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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Bob Morton, Warwickshire

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Cattle crush has opening sides for easy belly clipping

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You can’t do too much to a cow’s shoulder, belly or flank in the standard cattle crush made with a fixed side.  Reach through the bars and there’s the danger of a crushed hand or broken wrist as the animal traps it.  Use an implement and you soon find the angle is wrong, or the part you want is frustratingly out of reach. Meirion’s crush has two doors on either side that open.  To work at the shoulder you open the front door on the side and leave the rear side one closed, so the hindquarters can’t move too far.  Work on the flank and you keep the front side door shut and open the rear one, and likewise the animal is unable to move sideways.  

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