#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2

	#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2
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#117 May-Aug 2021 Vol 30-1
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#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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V. good, always look forward to it

John Ward Co. Kilkenny

John Ward, Co. Kilkenny

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Molasses feeder uses wheel barrow base

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Here's a neat one-of-a-kind idea that makes a sticky job no trouble. Molasses has always been a highly rated feed for stock. It comes near top on the palatability list, which makes it the ingredient of choice for getting less tasty necessities, such as some minerals, to be taken.  It's high in energy of course, and the price per unit is competitive. The main problem is handling molasses. It's not too easy to measure, and pouring from a bucket.....

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