101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1

101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1
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100 # Feb - May 2017 Vol 25-4

100 # Feb - May 2017 Vol 25-4
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99 # Nov - Feb 2017 Vol 25-3

99 # Nov - Feb 2017 Vol 25-3
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For years, I have enjoyed and admired your logical and common sense written articles, often looking at situations in a way that few other people see them, and expressing a view that is enlightening and thought provoking. That must be a true journalistic flair!

Richard Gingell, Cambridgeshire

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 Ideas to benefit all farmers


Published since 1992

An ever-expanding farming encyclopaedia totalling 4,500 indexed pages. Used by students and colleges and thousands of farmers.

48 full colour pages

A traditional printed magazine posted to subscribers four times a year

40 'Made it Myself' ideas / issue

Modified or built from scratch;  arable or livestock; complex or simple; farming methods and one-off ideas 

Published quarterly with no advertising

No advertising - all editorial, therefore no advertorial, space for cash deals with agri-business. 

Soil+ Cover Cropping

The ONLY farming magazine with 'SOIL' in the title. Articles describe how conventional farmers have become no-till; selecting cover crops; how they have improved soil 


Grass aerator built for a few ££ in 1988 by editor Mike Donovan was inspiration for magazine. Vol 1-1

Zero-till drill built 2010 from all spare parts does 600ac/yr  Starter fert and rape sowing. Vol 26-1

Doscovery conversion for MOT failure carries more than a UTE Gator, and costs a fraction  Vol 23-1

Home made cluster flushing made major reduction in mastitis and cell count  Vol 20-3



Have you seen these issues? 


Join the 12,000 people farming across the UK, Ireland and overseas who don't miss an issue.

"The magazine that's really worth reading," says Clive Bailye, Soil Farmer of the Year 2016

Soil and Cover Cropping International

First included in 2013, this new section of the magazine kicked off with details of a one-off crimper roller and a home built compost turner. 

The section gives readers the experiences from zero-till farmers: how they get on direct drilling into stubble and grass; how they grow successful cover crops; how they have adapted and made no-till machines, including direct drills, adding liquid fertiliser kit, changing coulters etc.

The section helps farmers get zero-till right from the beginning, to help them avoid disappointment.

Practical Farm Ideas - the only farming magazine with 'Soil' in the title.


Damaged soil with no organic matter   healthy soil with earth worm   Home made plant population calculator   Over-worked soil which needs improvement   No-till winter wheat trial comparison 

Soil with poor organic content; Three years into soil improvement; Home designed plant population calculator;  
Conventional land doesn't drain well; Comparison of nine different direct drills (2014 harvest) 
  -  legal - company structure, succession
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