#121 May-Aug 2022 Vol 31-1

#121 May-Aug 2022 Vol 31-1
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#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3

#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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I would like to let you know that your magazine is very popular with our students.  Many of the students at this school are from a rural farming background and it has been fantastic to have some reading material that appeals to them, particularly the more reluctant readers.

Mrs Kathryn Durkan,    LRC Manager,     John Port School


John Port School

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Issue contents


Contents pages of Practical Farm Ideas

Issue #120  Vol 30-4  Feb-May 2022  View jpg


Trailer drops sections of big square bales for in-field feeding  5
Barbed wire laid out using an empty spool  7
Small scale pig enterprise uses home designed buildings  8
Workshop Wonders
Vaderstad Rapid 30S drill rebuild  10
Product:  farmer makes his Superglide Suspension Kit for sale  14
Youtube viewing guide  15
   Soil: Rebuilding worn out soil with livestock
   Arable: Combine fire averted - filmed in real time
   Workshop: Replacing eye on Cat 754 artic truck
   Workshop: John Deere 8370 IVT won’t get out of park
   Workshop: Replacing difficult Subaru rear wheel bearing
   Workshop: Tough day on the Deere 8700 forager

  The crazy finances of farming  16

What is the 2022 global farming crisis?  18
AHDB looks at consumer desires  19
CAAV Valuers association welcomes 75 new fellows  20
Finding a farming audience  21
Farm land prices: huge variation across the EU  22
Trailer brakes need your tender loving care  22
Weather and climate change  24
The limits of feed-to-yield with dairy cows  25
The drone - a useful toy for many farmers  25
Free fecal testing available in Wales  26

How can I manage the farm with today’s inflated fertiliser prices?  27
Making the most of manures  29
Defra backs slurry  30

Converting a rear mounted McConnel hedge trimmer for the front linkage  32
Building the hedge trimmer a transport trailer for safe travelling  34
Rear weight is 588kg and needs no top link  35
Beet feeder for sheep made from scrap plastic oil tank  35
Pony paddock leveller  36
Push or pull chain harrow with hydraulic frame  36
Load handler moves bales, pallets and converts for sheep  37
In-field mobile cattle handler has 24ft race  38
Sheep hurdle carrier prevents damage, loss  39
Four-loop bag handler fits on pallet tines  39
Tail board for dumper trailer increases capacity  40
Sheep netting tensioner drops over straining post  41
Reeler for sheep netting stops wire from damage  42
Grassland aerator has rear rake and hitch for rolls  42
Designed for safety - playing safe with workshop projects  43
Multi attachment of implements on Ghel skid steer  44
Dispenser mixes in soya with barley meal  44
Rat bait tub made using old rat bait container  45
Sheep deckchair made from tractor tyre  45
Gate hurdle hinges made from old mower blades  46
Covid resistant gate latch  46
Rubber excavator tracks fix ruts in farm lane  46
Roadside sign design sells well  47
Demolished slurry tower panels make compost heap in garden  47
Pallets make stock proof tree guards  47

Why not try your hand at reporting?  47

10 quick farming questions for you  48  


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Rebuilding your worn out seed drill Vaderstad Rapid 30S  - tips and

Rebuilding his very worn Rapid 30S was a completely dismantling to the bare frame, welding and plating, replacing all worn parts. The purpose is to have a new seed drill which fits the tractor and the farm and which gives good crops - without the expense and possible incompatability of a new machine.


Hay big bale  feeder-trailer feeds cattle sheep in field Towed by quad, pick-up

Big bale hay feeder-trailer feeds cattle sheep in field. Towed by quad, pick-up,  it helps good habitat management, better rationing of hay than the ring feeder, no mess in field


Bracket on front linkage make a front-mounted McConnel hedge trimmer.

Bracket on front linkage make a front-mounted McConnel hedge trimmer. Easier to drive. Article give good detail


Practical Farm Ideas #120  Valuable workshop ideas; farm financial planning advice

Practical Farm Ideas #120  Valuable workshop ideas; farm financial planning advice





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