#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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	#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2
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Image for 101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1

101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1

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Issue 26-1 May - Aug 2017

*  51 Made it Myself Farm Workshop Projects  


*  Finance and farm admin - do you know your partnership/company agreements and partner/shareholder rights?


*  Grassland management and the use of data



“Keep up the good work. Been with your since the start and particularly like your business analysis” sent Mar 31, 2017 from Carl Lindley, Wakefield


Summary of front cover articles 

They made their own grassland seeder.

Aaron (21) and Dan (29) do farm contract work. Customers are farmers and also horse owners, and many want grassland renovated. They needed a direct drill but the cost was prohibitive, so they made their own.

Home made drill for grassland - better than overseeding

Simple home made grain cleaner adds £10/tonne. 

Fed up with £9-10/tonne stoppages for low bushel weights this farming family came up with the idea of a cleaner built in a drill hopper. It cost them £1,500 to build, and reckon it saves £3,000 a year in stoppages. Plus it cleans their corn for seed.

Home made grain cleaner increases bushel weight, removes weed seeds



“I find your magazine excellent with some terrific ideas, many of which I have used and/or adapted over these past few years. Keep up the good work.  Best regards”   John Gilgunn  sent April 6, 2017


Free Astro turf for cow tracks.

The plastic playing surface on playing fields is wearing out, and cow tracks are a good second use for it. We give details.

Free Astro Turf makes cow tracks; All spare parts seed drill; beef sucker cows

All spare parts direct drill

With soil varying from sand to clay on their 500 acres, cultivation machinery was never right. So six years ago they moved to no-till using a drill made in the workshop from a collection of spare parts. It adds liquid starter fertiliser and has rape seed pipes

No-till seed drill with liquid fertiliser made in Northants workshop


“You have a great wee magazine that I look forward to recieving every quarter. I will send you some pictures of our little inventions one day and if you are ever in NZ then look me up.  Regards”  Allen Collinson (NZ)  sent April 7 2017


Sucker herds share secrets

This is has a real seminar in sucker cow management. Sucklers are the enterprise for dairy farmers who quit the milk race and they’re the chosen route to greater soil fertility for many cereal farmers. 

Successful Beef suckler management

Scots farmer designed and made cubicles for 240

Cow size is getting smaller as they breeding away from pure Holstein, and these cows can get trapped by the conventional cubicle. They tried this home made idea and liked it so much made 240 cubicles for their new shed. Generously shared with Practical Farm Ideas.

Farmer designed cow cubicles stop cows getting jammed, stuck


Tighten Up Your Farm Business Procedures

This Financial Focus article asks whether the best decisions are made at informal meetings around the kitchen table - the venue of choice for many farmers. The article expands into the knowledge which all partnerships and private limited companies need concerning business predators. The right decisions can be critical in future. 


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