106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2

106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2
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105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1

105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1
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104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4

104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4
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Just a note to let you know how we have enjoyed reading Practial Farm Ideas. It's one of the best farm magazines we have had for a long time and will pass it around for our friends to read - it's so interesting that you just can't put it down. Keep up the good work!

S.J.Perry, Exeter

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106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2

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'Can't put down' farm reading


Whether your farming is large scale or small, 

arable or livestock; whether you have good workshop skills

or are a beginner...  


this is for you.


IN this issue:


  • 81 practical workshop projects devised by farmers to make their work easier and more profitable.
  • How much do you know about worms? And how much about soil compaction? Six fact filled pages in the Soil+ Cover Cropping International section
  • Cash flow. There are problems ahead for farmers. Here are some practical solutions 


The issue, like previous ones, has no ads, sponsors…  It means we focus on doing farm jobs cheaper, better, and that includes modifying farm machinery so it is more effective to use. 


Around 12,000 farmers read Practical Farm Ideas. 


Farm workshop projects in this issue of Practical Farm Ideas
Tractor linkage platform carries, lifts, has livestock sides    
Super-strong farm bridge takes Scottish spates    
Key words for this issue

Farm workshop; Simple hacks; Money saving; Made it myself;

Livestock; Cereals; Tractor; Lambing pens; No-till; Farm buildings;

Baling; Sprayer; Lane grader; Cattle troughs; Ferti spreader; Farm

bridge; Log splitting; Bale transport; Plough; Soil compaction;

Cattle grid; Earthworms; Finance ideas; Safety…


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