112# Feb - May 2020 Vol 28-4

112# Feb - May 2020 Vol 28-4
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111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3

111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3
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110# Aug-Nov 2019 Vol 28-2

110# Aug-Nov 2019 Vol 28-2
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It's always fascinating to see how others tackle similar problems to the ones on our farm... great to get that little 'light-bulb moment' when you find something which will work. We've made quite a few useful things from your magazine

Mike Davies, Chester

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Image for 107# Nov18-Feb 2019 Vol 27-3

107# Nov18-Feb 2019 Vol 27-3

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This issue contains 61 articles

18 articles for all farmers - including a clever front box that fits on the tractor front linkage or the ballast bar; there's a wheel-about frame for the workshop air compressor; a 10 ft wide concrete tamper which you use standing up; a tyre store on a silage clamp; a dog kennel that fits in the back of a pick-up and Range Rover which keeps the lease vehicle clean 

 27 livestock articles including 6 specifically for dairy - eg a plate cooling system reduces milk to around 7C, less agitation prevents fat damage; shearing trailer for up to 5 clippers; a brilliant calf cart 


9 arable articles - eg low cost repairs to Accord drill meter wheel; osr seed cleaner produces back-of-the-heap seed fit to sow;  the knowledge on companion planting, growing two or more crops together


5 financial articles - including the two page Financial Focus feature 'Assessing farm capital investment' calculating the real costs of owning and operating machines and reasons for buying… and walking away. 

  • Spring tine cultivator made in farm workshop


    Transit-Unimag makes great farm vehicle  
    Clever ideas from Practical Farm Ideas:  Foot-bath fits into mobile frame for protection, mobility  
    Slurry pipe on digger arm makes for easy tanker or umbilical filling  


The only farming magazine that shows how to save money

  • Takes no advertising. Not involved in selling or promoting products and services 

  • Published quarterly since 1992. Back issues available 

    High res pics available to help your
    'Made it Myself'

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