#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4

#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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#115 Nov2020-Feb 2021 Vol 29-3

#115  Nov2020-Feb 2021  Vol 29-3
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#114 Aug-Nov 2020 Vol 29-2

#114  Aug-Nov 2020  Vol 29-2
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I like Practical Farm Ideas Magazine because it's an amazing source of cast effective and well thought out ideas covering all aspects of farming, especially machinery. It is a great bonus to me in the daily running of the farm!

B.V.Anwyl, Wales

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Image for 111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3

111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3

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Farm safety; 'Made it Myself' beef housing; farm borrowing interest rates

By popular request the cover design has returned to a single pic of man and machine, and this farm safety one couldn't be more appropriate. A double camera system means you can see traffic approaching from both left and right. The idea comes from Niall Murphy who farms in Co Armagh, N Ireland. If you're into beef, pages 39, 40, 41, 42 show what you can do with crash barriers. Pg 26 has an article ‘Reasons why the beef situation in Ireland is critical’. The financial piece on 21 makes sobering reading about interest rates, which have never been so low for so long.

Information and bright ideas are going to be crucial in future years as the transition period leaving the EU progresses.

Straw swath roller


Essex farm has open pen system for winter housing



Slurry tanker on Challenger tracks

Waste oil drain tub

Made it Myself 

Just four of the forty ideas in this issue


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Straw swath roller mounts on front linkage and presses it down so it clears the underside of the baling tractor. Was made in a hurry this season as the swath from their 40ft header kept balling up 

Must reads:



Getting a financial grip:

  • Managing Farm Borrowing

*   What is Bank Rate?
*   How it affects every virtually every farmer in the country

*   Tactics you can use to cut borrowing costs



Open yard housing for 2,000 suckler herd:

  • Managing Farm Borrowing

*   Design uses nothing but crash barriers
*   They brought in Temple Grandin to design the handling system

*   Readers get super details on this scalable for small units 


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