#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3

#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2

	#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2
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I like Practical Farm Ideas Magazine because it's an amazing source of cast effective and well thought out ideas covering all aspects of farming, especially machinery. It is a great bonus to me in the daily running of the farm!

B.V.Anwyl, Wales

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Image for #117 May-Aug 2021 Vol 30-1

#117 May-Aug 2021 Vol 30-1

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Cover: top - Lamb creep feeder uses plastic barrel and two tyres;  bottom - 'Made it Myself'  Land leveller for poached grass, ruts and damaged soil 

This issue is the start of our 30th year of publication - an impressive milestone we are very proud to have achieved.  'Made it Myself'  innovations from farm workshops continue to help readers in a practical way. The projects vary very widely both in scale and skill required, and, as we have said before, there's no disgrace in asking for local help. 

Below is a small selection of this issue's contents. 

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Made it Myself   

Creep feeder for lambs 

This clever design keeps the ewes out and lets nine lambs get at their growing mix undisturbed. Farmer has many and uses them in shed and field 


Lamb creep feeder made from plastic barrel

Financial Focus

Managing loan finance: secured, unsecured and government loans


Loan security: be careful what you are signing up to
Money is cheap, and you wouldn’t mind getting hold of some. Banks and finance companies say they are keen to lend, but not at any price. This article is centred around the issue of loan security, unsecured loans and government backed loans. It explains the regulations regarding the security on a farming loan. What will be demanded from you if you default on payments. 
Work out what kind of loan you really need
Loan security affects farms of all sizes and enterprises. This feature breaks new ground on an issue which all borrowers need to know about, but which is generally provided in pages of jargon. It provides advice which could save the farm a fortune. 

Made it Myself

Hopper on loader slashes time to refill seed drill

This brilliant idea is a 6 section crane that moves, stacks, lifts in the building and sticks out the door to unload and do work outside. Plenty of concrete in a deep hole!  

Made it Myself

Duke of Edinburgh

The idea of a Land Rover was spot on. We describe the details of this royal 'Made it Myself' project. 

Soil+ Cover Cropping International

No-till drill pre-season check over

No-till seed drills are extraordinary machines, planting 14 or more seeds per second in each row. We have 15 items to check


Made it Myself

Land leveller 

Poached grassland; arable ruts and tramlines; seedbed preparation; riding menages... levelling soil makes every job afterwards that much easier


Not only, but also

Content of the first few pages of this 48 page issue. 

No adverts. 

All editorial. 

Ideas for every farmer


Lamb creep feeder made from plastic additive barrel  5

Duke of Edinburgh’s modified Land-Rover captures the nation’s imagination  7

Mower goes on pick-up rear axle  8

Defender tub makes classy lightweight trailer  8

Dual-use calf pen front reduces time, improves results  9

Dynamic test reduces mastitis and antibiotic use 11

AgOpenGPS provides DIY tractor guidance system  12

Seed drill gets a fast turn-round with this clever hopper  15

Land leveller smooths out the ruts leaves level field  17

Scraper swivels to clean concrete floors  18

Polythene crop covering is securely laid with home built machine  19

Removable screw jack is easy way to hitch trailers in tandem  20

Umbilical slurry pump and nurse tank mounted on a Dennis bin truck  22



Managing loan finance: secured, unsecured and government loans  25

The only farming magazine funded entirely by readers. No adverts or sponsored copy.

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