#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3

#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2

	#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2
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You can never have too many ideas in farming and Practical Farm Ideas gives a great many for a very reasonable price.

Bob Morton, Warwickshire

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Image for #119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3

#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3

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'Helping farmers cut costs'  is fundamental to our publication, and the phased elimination of farming subsidy means this work has never been so important.  

There are money saving ideas on every page, from a length of baler twine to show air movement in a cattle shed (pg 15) to a farm designed and built rape seed drill (pg 31). 

Farms are becoming Ltd companies yet few use the full benefits provided. Tax advantaged share schemes sound complex, but once set up they tick along saving  money with little effort needed. (pg 25).

Changing a muckspreader fitted with twin axles to running on a single commercial axle fitted with Fastrac wheels makes sense when spreading across slopes as the four bald tyres are happy to go sideways. (pg 20). Even this is money saving, making less mess in the field and reducing the chance of the tractor being pulled over. 

Practical Farm Ideas continues to do what the title says. No advertisers or sponsors means zero selling of products or services. Cutting costs means reducing expenditure while maintaining or increasing production. We used to call it husbandry! 

Our cover pictures:
top - FarmWalk (pgs 37 - 47) is on a 350 acre hill farm in north Staffordshire. Unconventional methods include using out of date tractors which are now collectible, like the Roadless Super Major which has been used for more than 30 years.

bottom - Iseki compact has autosteer to make an accurate job with Avadex and other products. The Horstein spreader is mounted on a home designed and built trailer

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Practical Farm Ideas issue 119
This home built drill is designed to give oil seed rape every chance of getting away quickly to avoid pest damage. Article includes design details - liquid fert and seed monitors. Built to do the job rather than saving money - which the project does as well. 
The twin axle Fraser spreader slid sideways when crossing slopes. The walking beam axle with the standard Rotaspreader tyres has been replaced by a cut down commercial 10 stud axle which is fitted with 5 stud wheels and tyres off a JCB Fastrac. Tows straight, hydraulic brakes add to safety.
The Lemken Solitaire drill has a clever design with all seed tubes the same length. The no-till disc openers place seed accurately, and the plastic press rolls complete the job. We saw the 12 metre model in action.  

These bulls are close to market condition, and the farmer gave us details for numerous innovations which gets the results in the mart. An article which every cattle farmer will find fascinating. 

Milking parlour instructions. The laminated book helps relief milkers, whether novice or experienced avoid making mistakes. Laminated pages. A few hours well spent. 

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