#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4

#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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#115 Nov2020-Feb 2021 Vol 29-3

#115  Nov2020-Feb 2021  Vol 29-3
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#114 Aug-Nov 2020 Vol 29-2

#114  Aug-Nov 2020  Vol 29-2
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Hi Mike
Just received the latest issue of Farm Ideas.--- another great issue keep up the good work !!
A good caption for the photo on page 37 would be
Three Wise Monkeys--Hear no evil--see no evil--speak no evil !!
Jack Smith

Jack Smith

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Image for 31 - Vol 8 - Issue 3 - Autumn 1999

31 - Vol 8 - Issue 3 - Autumn 1999

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Home made liquid N uses damaged urea and NH3 amking low cost fertiliser; grass rake uses 2 acrobats; tractor splitting trolley; metal working machine; workshop press design; transforming difficult unproductive soils; beef breed selection; heavy roll to handle clay soils; rubbish lorry converted to livestock trailer; vacuum pump silencer uses 40gall barrel; auger adapted to clean grain which moving it (ingenious); chopper feeder machine just 36in wide; HiAb trailer used to fill drill fast; 6m air drill puts seed and fert down tube; Centreliner spreader stand

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