#121 May-Aug 2022 Vol 31-1

#121 May-Aug 2022 Vol 31-1
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#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3

#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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For years, I have enjoyed and admired your logical and common sense written articles, often looking at situations in a way that few other people see them, and expressing a view that is enlightening and thought provoking. That must be a true journalistic flair!

Richard Gingell, Cambridgeshire

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Image for 63 - Vol 16 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2007

63 - Vol 16 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2007

Price £4.00

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Award winning farm contractors give an insight to the reasons for their success.  'Getting entrepreneurial' is the first of a series concerned with developing the farming business within agriculture, not rushing off to do something quite different.

Vol 16, Issue 3  Autumn 2007  £3.85


Lightweight crop sprayer on Transit axles reduces soil damage
Heavy duty mole plough has 5in bolt
Workshop heater made with 6ft tank
Engineering ideas cut costs on Wilts farm
Artic steer site dumper converted to farm loader
Double 6:6 abreast parlour milks 140 cows
Modified Farmhand mill works faster, cheaper
Sheet metal bender used for fabrication
Unique twin axle idea for D series conversion
Vicon RP1250 baler improvements
Landini 140 tractor converted to clear land mines
Top Hill Farming innovations
Keeping stock water clean
Compressor for Solway waste plastic bins
Mobile calving crush for sucklers
Land Rover tail gate 'gap' is closed
Lightweight cattle grid speeds stock inspection
Wood sheep hurdles are batch creosoted
Rotten building uprights reinforced with concrete
Simple pen-based lambing management
Twin fert bag handler has tote bag adaptor
Cost cutting ideas from organic dairy farm
Welding for fun
Milking parlour feeders replaced by DIY type
Wall cladding uses sides of bulk tank
Feed rail has brilliant adjustment system
Workshop organiser
Long-lasting trailers bought in 1948
Workshop press powered by bottle jack
Roller axle support in transport
Electric fence winder uses standard spring
Extra plate cooler gets milk to 14 degrees C
Ready-made liquid trailer made with IBCs
Electric plug holder adds to safety
MF 3070 pick-up hitch catch uses hydraulics
Fendt front weight frame carries double row
Link box converted to calf taxi
General purpose trailer made from caravan chassis

EU changes milk policy
Niche meat gives value to farmer and environment
Organic sales hit £2bn
Compound interest and City's profits
Helen's organic sausages do round trip
Web designers find business tough
The waiting game played by machinery salesmen
Cab mounting problems cause 3-pt failure

Getting entrepreneurial

J O Straughton, Morpeth, Northumberland
Vaderstad wheel eradicators rebuilt
MF 185 baler gets additive bar
Claas header trailer modifications
Broughton winch adapted for tractor 3-pt
3 fert bag handler
twin Hesston stacker
Claas swather steering improved

With Rodney & Nicholas Fuller

Water jump for horse trials
Pottinger forage wagon clears weed mowings
Sand school for riding club
Paragliding school has club house, equipment
Adapted post driver has unique fencing trailer
Workshop ideas use supermarket trolleys
Adaptor plate for Matbro headstock
Rear weight built with rear wheel rim
Bale spike design integrates brackets
Hydraulic breakaway fits on Bomford hedge trimmer
Home built trailer with wrapper on deck and fork lift at back is towed behind conventional baler to allow one pass baling the small squares, wrapping and loading onto pallet and then dropping off pallet: conventionally baled haylage in one pass
Creating a valuable shoot
Converting an artic road trailer

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