105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1

105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1
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104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4

104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4
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103# Nov 2017 - Feb 2018 Vol 26-3

103#  Nov 2017 - Feb 2018  Vol 26-3
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You can never have too many ideas in farming and Practical Farm Ideas gives a great many for a very reasonable price.

Bob Morton, Warwickshire

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Image for 71 - Vol 18 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

71 - Vol 18 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

Price £4.00
Made it Myself (*** = editor's favourites) General farming Concrete mixer converted to hydraulic Fencing trailer has place for tools, stakes Timber grab has home built turntable *** Parallel Guidance driving aid made for £300 Reed puller clears moats, ponds Election poster makes useful white board Reducing the danger of perspex roof lights IBC tanks make inexpensive Solway substitutes Shed on skids made from site boarding *** Hand held jack hammer adapted for digger arm PTO stone crusher handles rocks New Holland TL100 tractor improvements - hydraulic outlet covers, - permanent air compressor - cab storage - off-side step used for vice - link arm retainer - top link holder Crops *** Grassland renovator - adds seeds for good germination. Low cost way to improve grass sward Browns Flat Eight modified to carry 3 D1000 bales Adjustable tail dripple on trailer *** Front straw roller saves time, moves headland bales Cooks bale sledge gets hydraulic tripping Opico discs extended and adapted for one-pass *** One ton per min auger fitted to Fordson Dexta *** Twin tank bowser saves time, increases efficiency Home made 9 ton trailers have light footprint *** Straw trailer runs on 24 wheels, carries 300 bales Home built sub-soiler has adjusting legs 8x4ft boards from building site make grain partitions *** Home made pedestal driers use drain pipe uprights Trailer tail gates - leaks and levers Grain dozer has timber blade for no floor damage Hydraulic top link stops drill coulters blocking Brice-Baker grain drier well set up Livestock Top deck ramp on livestock trailer lifted with chain pulley Leg trap for sheep on Land Rover Defender covered for safety Scrap bin stores rolled barley, cattle meal *** Box system feeds clamp silage to sheep Springy teat spray tube protected from damage Vicon hopper used to handle chopped beet *** Cable feed barrier modified for diet feeder Science into Practice - NEW Feature Embryo Transplant gives 'designer heifers' Focus on Risk Change to flying herd reduces dairying risks FarmWorld Why no farmers on Pesticides Committee? Ecorider goes into liquidation 'Always right' internet scam 'Through-the-bullock' grass seeding BMC Mini celebration is low-key 'Enhanced Annuities' benefit sick pensioners ***Tips for getting your truck through the VOSA test Transfer buildings before you develop The Soil Association accounts 'Black Farmer' looks at farming from both sides Blackberries - improving the stock on your farm Financial Focus *** You've bought a lemon - now what do you do? Farm Walk Dairy farm sells cows, moves to all cereal production

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