#121 May-Aug 2022 Vol 31-1

#121 May-Aug 2022 Vol 31-1
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#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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Well thought out, for the 'man of the land'!

JR Bayley, Cheltenham

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Image for 73 - Vol 19 - Issue 1 - Spring 2010

73 - Vol 19 - Issue 1 - Spring 2010

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This issue shows how Selkirk farmer and contractor Paul Nixon pays a huge attention to detail, has an uncanny ability to see the better way, and has the energy and motivation to make it happen.

This issue aims to transmit some of these skills, provide you, the reader, methods that change for the better the way you do a job, and gives you a choice of projects for your workshop.



Mobile Out-of-Parlour feeder goes into grazing fields 

Winch hoists new born calves to clear lungs

Cattle handling centred on hydraulic powered crush

Bull pens designed for safety and convenience

Suckler cow maternity unit

Calf crate has top features

Silage nudger has adjustable arm  43

Cattle pen layout and design

Cattle crush and forcing yard has major features  45

Livestock shed has all removable pens  46

'Rock Stopper' on forage harvester prevents major damage 



Accord DL drill converted to piggyback for power harrow 

Straw raking kills slugs as well as spreading lumps  

Folding roller has useful weight transfer ability 

Knotting baler twine, and buying big reels 

Round bale gripper better than spike  

Feed hopper has hydraulic lift-up top 

Front press fitted with inflated tyres 

Mobile loading ramp is towed around yard

Claas Volto tedder gets modified for work in hay 

LED strobe light provides low cost warning 

Work platform made using recycled lorry lift 


Farm Walk with Paul Nixon, Selkirk, Roxborough 

Push-off bale spike 

Feed trailers for sheep use clamp silage

Levelling board on power harrow improves working 

Rear hook on trailer is fitted at correct height 

Straw haulage rig gets workshop treatment  

Teagle strawchopper has extended chain restraints 

Cameras become essential operating aids for farm machinery

9ft grain bucket converted to sweeping duties 

Retro-fitted hydraulic back trailer doors  

Up-graded trailer braking raises efficiency from 20 to 50% 

How to buy good tools cheaply  

Aluminium spool-on gun, circular saw

Steel support roller 

Mobile phone amplifier  


Logs and firewood

Log chopping block holds them in place  

Manual log splitter uses sledge hammer  

Electric powered log splitter has large ram 



Innovative wheel changer uses clever geometry  

Tote wheelie moves opened bags like barrow

Roll bar for lightweight tractors and ATVs 

Hydraulic hoses re-routed for longer life

Roller door draught excluder 15

Mobile hen house keeps hens in - and out

Rebuilding a damaged crank shaft  

Parcel cages make good wood stores 

Texas Ag Mechanics Show 

Workshop heater made with gas bottle 



African innovators raise living standards 

Self Help Africa - the charity that helps people help themselves 

Youth projects help self starters with funding 

Farm accident victims get little or no support  

Weeding while you wander 


Financial Focus

Maxxing your Single Farm Payment  38

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