113# May - August 2020 Vol 29-1

113# May - August 2020 Vol 29-1
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112# Feb - May 2020 Vol 28-4

112# Feb - May 2020 Vol 28-4
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111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3

111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3
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I have subscribed to 11 magazines, of which 9 have something to do with farming. The only one I'm savouring from cover to cover is Practical Farm Ideas. The fact that these ideas are from collegues in a somehow similar situation, that they have been realised under farm workshop conditions and have really proven their usefulness in the daily challenge of practical farming, gives your magazine a value I have never found anywhere before. I think your publication should be a must for any farmer who has more in his toolbox than a hammer, chisel and vice grip!

Richard K.Auler, Republic of Ireland

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Image for 75 - Vol 19 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2010 -Digital Copy

75 - Vol 19 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2010 -Digital Copy

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Made it Myself items: 

Livestock:  Tullow root bucket converted to mix and feed meal / Easy-to-use halter made from 12ft rope / Third ear tag give at a glance breeding info / Filling feed bags quickly  /   Farm built slurry dribble bar fits on tanker and has break-back and non-drip cut-off  / ATV trailer adapted for calf work / Mobile mineral lick dispenser  / Sheep silage feeder has minimal wastage  / 

Pigs: 2,400 sow weaner enterprise on 800ac has high welfare / Home designed and built pig arks are top performers  /  Pig feed hoppers are weather, rodent, bird protected  /  Internal roads built with home built stone laying machine /  Weaner loading box hooks onto back of trailer for fast transfer  /  Fridge with heater makes ideal revival box for weaners, lambs etc  /  Rolland drop axle trailer modified with decks, vents etc  /  Kubota RTV adapted to carry bales, feed and pigs

Arable: Push-off bale spike makes stacking easier / On floor grain drying with perf drain pipe /  Blast cleaner for baler knotters made for £150 / 

FarmWalk with Mark and Sue Wills:  SHEEP and BEEF  /  Ivor Williams deck ramp made easy to use  /  Ewe and lamb trailer carries five behind ATV  /  Auto-yoke on sheep dagging crush  /  Creep feeder has lift up axle, is towed not carried  /  Skid steer quick attachment lock - FARM SAFETY  /  Motorway bridge railings used as feed barrier  /  Flat trailer, 26ft, easy conversion from step frame artic  /  Rear tractor weight uses quarry cast-off  /  Sheep silage feeders have covers to keep silage fresh

Workshop: Hydraulic lift for disabled driver lifts him into John Deere 6910 / 

General Farming: Detachable tractor TOOLBOX / Dog kennel design keeps them clean and warm  /  

Farm World: Agriculture absent from top science list  / Trantor tractor - forward thinking British design / Grain market finely balanced /  Safer ladders have big safety payback /  Corn dollies and 'spirint of fertility'  / Oxford Conference 2011 looks interesting /  Cow management on the mobile phone /  Foot washer for cows is big step forward

Financial Focus:   Are the Spending Review cuts a cause for farmers' concern?

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