110# Aug-Nov 2019 Vol 28-2

110# Aug-Nov 2019 Vol 28-2
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109# May-Aug 2019 Vol 28-1

109# May-Aug 2019 Vol 28-1
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108# Feb-May 2019 Vol 27-4

108# Feb-May 2019 Vol 27-4
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Just a note to let you know how we have enjoyed reading Practial Farm Ideas. It's one of the best farm magazines we have had for a long time and will pass it around for our friends to read - it's so interesting that you just can't put it down. Keep up the good work!

S.J.Perry, Exeter

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Image for 79 Vol 20 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2011

79 Vol 20 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2011

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The Made it Myself section kicks off on page 5 with a neat and logical modification to an Ifor Williams 14ft trailer. The farmer sells straw to riding stables, and for years delivered by tractor and trailer. Now he gets 100 bales behind the  Land Rover Discovery - faster, and more convenient.

This issue of Farm Ideas concludes with a Farm Walk around the most progressive dairy unit in the UK. 

...the dairy unit is highly energy efficient, using just half the power consumption of the previous one though we now have 100 more cows...... Farm Walk

Farm Ideas is the only agricultural magazine in Europe which is all-editorial...  no advertising

Ifor Williams bale trailer

Made it Myself back-flush



 ...a few days in Steradent has cleaned the sprayer nozzles better than any other known method... arable expert in Made it Myself

...not only does the sprayer never sway on the rear links, and the check chains can remain loose, it is always mounted at the right height...  Made it Myself

... I looked at a lot of different grain driers and heard the same stories from all the salesmen. They promised a few things, fudged on a few others, and always came back with a hefty price tag. The more I looked at what was out there the more confidence I had that I could build my own drier and save money in the process..." from FarmShow

Sprayer locks solid on tractor

Sprayer built on tractor

... although it's done 30 seasons, the sprayer compares well with ones from the factory, and when tested last year the inspector reported it to be up to the accuracy of a new machine... made it Myself

... short term benefits (of subsoiling) have been measured, but some scientists think it may, in the long run, make compaction worse... Science into Practice

... rising farm asset values can be ignored, wasted, or used constructively... Financial Focus

The future today...
ideas for all dairy farmers

Focus on farm leisure
a competition standard carp lake



...autumn is the season when I pick up my projector, pack an overnight case, and travel the country giving evening talks on farming, and in particular the innovations and ideas I have learned from bright, forward thinking operators.  Looking for a speaker?  I'm happy to get my diary out. 

Farm Ideas is the only all-editorial agricultural magazine in Europe

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