#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4

#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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#115 Nov2020-Feb 2021 Vol 29-3

#115  Nov2020-Feb 2021  Vol 29-3
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#114 Aug-Nov 2020 Vol 29-2

#114  Aug-Nov 2020  Vol 29-2
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For years, I have enjoyed and admired your logical and common sense written articles, often looking at situations in a way that few other people see them, and expressing a view that is enlightening and thought provoking. That must be a true journalistic flair!

Richard Gingell, Cambridgeshire

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Image for 82 Vol 21-2 Aug - Nov 2012

82 Vol 21-2 Aug - Nov 2012

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This issue was mailed to subscribers Aug 1 and is on sale in selected rural stores on Thursday Aug 9.


Quad bike theft: having lost three to local scallies, our contributor fitted an electronic lock to the ignition, locked and unlocked using a coded plastic tag which everyone who is supposed to ride has on them. Added safety (kids) and security.

Grain drying fan costs halved: he used to have a Lister but complaints about the noise increased. There was insufficient electric supply, so he bought a MOT failure Isuzu 4x4 and used the engine and gearbox. Not only is it quiet, fuel costs, unbelievably, are halved.

Grass spiker: this 3m wide machine cost virtually nothing other than time - and a broken Vicon power harrow

Wire reeler: leading out barbed or high tensile wire is easy with this converted wheelbarrow.

Combine harvester service box:  carry spare belts; drums of oil; replacement parts and components; tools etc - all the stuff you normally have in the back of the Land Rover - in this home built secure steel box which is moved using the headers lugs on the combine.

Tractor external brakes: does your tractor apply the trailer brakes before the tractor, so keeping them in line.

Giant log splitter: splitting 3ft logs makes easy cross-cutting on the saw bench

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What's new?

Tyre technology.
    what does 'Max pressure 36psi' on the tyre actually mean?
    how is the Static Laden Radius useful in operating a tyre?
    should I use low ground pressure trailer tyre or some super singles?

County shows
    have they become events for families or are they still significant for farming?
Chaser bins
    manage it properly and the bin will keep the combine going all day - adding 15% to productivity. Our management tips come from someone whose used them for ten seasons.

Agricultural Property Relief
    the big tax concession for farmers - here's the latest court struggle between farmer and HMRC, and the Revenue won. Don't let them do the same to you!

Vintage sale
    most vintage sale reports tell you the bargains you have missed. We Pre-View a sale this August so you can get to it and bid! The farmer never sold a tractor, combine or lorry! County 1124 / Marshall / Fowler-Marshall / Fiat crawler / Massey Harris combine / S and D lorries / Commer 2-str...   hundreds of lots

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