106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2

106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2
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105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1

105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1
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104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4

104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4
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John Ward Co. Kilkenny

John Ward, Co. Kilkenny

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Image for 97 #  May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1

97 # May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1

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* The start of our 25th year of publishing

*39 time and money saving projects for every farm

*Helping readers improve margins, control costs, prepare for the future


Contents of Practical Farm Ideas Spring 2016

Made it Myself

Keep roads clean, obey the law!

This issue shows how this old ground driven road brush was converted to mount on the farm handler. Would work on loader. So brushing doesn't tie up a tractor and goes on one with tired hydraulics.  Make your own ground drive brush from these pictures!

Made it myself farm ideas

Look at these cattle!

They've been through the winter on a 100% forage diet. Grass silage, lucerne, straw, and in an outdoor yard.  Turned out on Apr 19, three days before I took the pic. Low cost housing and feeding. Read the details in this issue.

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Beef Shorthorn, Forage fed beef cattle

Soil+ Cover Cropping International

More information in this popular Soil+ section (click).  The techniques work in a wide range of soils, but need the right methods for maximum success.  We're the ONLY farm magazine with 'SOIL' in the title.

cover crops, no-till, zero-till, direct drilling

Grain trailer has drain plug

A typical 'Made it Myself idea. Puddles spread rust. Wet trailers contaminate grain. Propping trailer bodies is unsafe.

grain trailer modifications, farm machinery, corn cart,

Loader extension stacks bales 16ft

The loader boom comes from a MF 50 Industrial (same as 135). The article (red box) spells out the legal position of this adaptation that's a useful way to stack the top layer of bales. Facing page shows a modification which strengthens the D loop.

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tractor loader, farm telescopic, farm handler, bale stacking


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