#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4

#116 Feb - May 2021 Vol 29-4
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#115 Nov2020-Feb 2021 Vol 29-3

#115  Nov2020-Feb 2021  Vol 29-3
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#114  Aug-Nov 2020  Vol 29-2
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It's always fascinating to see how others tackle similar problems to the ones on our farm... great to get that little 'light-bulb moment' when you find something which will work. We've made quite a few useful things from your magazine

Mike Davies, Chester

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Image for Fertiliser spreading - improving accuracy and reducing wastage

Fertiliser spreading - improving accuracy and reducing wastage

Price £9.50

Olympic cycling coach Brailsford examined and corrected all the details affecting his team's performance.  This report does the same for people spreading fertiliser. The age and type of spreader has very little to do with accuracy...  it's all a question of set-up. These tips will save money and help produce an even crop.

Stripes like this not only look bad, they add significantly to costs, whether the area involved is 6 or 600 acres, as in this case. The bad workman will blame his tools, and in this case the spreader has been badly mounted on the tractor.
This report goes through each detail, and makes essential reading for all farmers, especially when fertiliser is £350 a ton. It shows how to mount a fertiliser spreader onto a tractor properly to give an even distribution. Spreading fertiliser on headlands. Checking for vane wear on spreaders.

Fertiliser spreading - tips for efficiency
Fertiliser wastage
- In storage.. at merchants, and on the farm
- By poor timing
- By inaccurate application

Mounting the spreader on the tractor
- easy ways to make it straight
Spreader condition
Some common spreading problems
Calibration and assessment
Checking machine condition
Reducing road travel to get more work done in the day
Converting a mounted machine to trailed
Building a One-Trip trailer that carries the spreader and a 10 ton load to the field in one trip
Trailer mounted HIAB crane makes easy hopper filling

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