106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2

106# Aug-Nov 2018 Vol 27-2
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105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1

105# May-Aug 2018 Vol 27-1
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104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4

104# Feb - May 2018 Vol 26-4
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Hi Mike
Just received the latest issue of Farm Ideas.--- another great issue keep up the good work !!
A good caption for the photo on page 37 would be
Three Wise Monkeys--Hear no evil--see no evil--speak no evil !!
Jack Smith

Jack Smith

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Make your own binder!

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Wallplanner for 2013

The 2013 farming wallplanner to have in your office and workshop.

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Cattle Pens - Build It Yourself Booklet

The purpose of this book is to provide the farmer with a flexible and secure means of penning cattle. The system has been used successfully to winter store cattle and also young bulls. The system has a number of advantages over alternatives which are commonly used on farms today.


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