112# Feb - May 2020 Vol 28-4

112# Feb - May 2020 Vol 28-4
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111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3

111# Nov 2019 - Feb2020 Vol 28-3
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110# Aug-Nov 2019 Vol 28-2

110# Aug-Nov 2019 Vol 28-2
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I have subscribed to 11 magazines, of which 9 have something to do with farming. The only one I'm savouring from cover to cover is Practical Farm Ideas. The fact that these ideas are from collegues in a somehow similar situation, that they have been realised under farm workshop conditions and have really proven their usefulness in the daily challenge of practical farming, gives your magazine a value I have never found anywhere before. I think your publication should be a must for any farmer who has more in his toolbox than a hammer, chisel and vice grip!

Richard K.Auler, Republic of Ireland

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