#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4

#120 Feb - May 2022 Vol 30-4
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#119 Nov-Feb 2022 Vol 30-3
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	#118 Aug-Nov 2021 Vol 30-2
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Found Practical Farm Ideas at Agricultural College about 20 years ago, I enjoyed reading about the engineering involved in overcoming problems on farms, and improving machinery.

Paul Hughes, Gloucester

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Useful Links

Top links to farming and agriculture on the Net




National Sheds Australian based national company that supplies industrial and farm sheds around Australia.

Food and Agriculture Organisation The United Nations organisation promoting better farming in many countries www.fao.org

World Farming International farming site www.worldfarming.com

MOMAGRI is an international agricultural think tank, based in Paris, and staffed by leading agricultural economists, with considerable influence on policy and development in Brussels and elsewhere.



NFU The National Farmers Union is the senior farm representation body in Great Britain, and a good source of information www.nfuonline.com/ The NFU has a separate organisation for Wales  that concerns Welsh legislation, Agri schemes funded through the Welsh Assemby Government and other matters.

Tenant Farmers Association Created to specifically help and represent those who farm without land ownership, providing expertise in legal and economic issues. www.tfa.org.uk/

Farmers Union of Wales Created to provide dedicated, fully bi-lingual, representation for farmers in Wales; has a natural leaning towards Plaid, the political 'Party of Wales' www.fuw.org.uk/

Agricultural Engineers The main organisation for farm machinery manufacturers www.bae.umn.edu

The Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE)  IAgrE

National Association of Agricultural Contractors The main representative body for farm contractors throughout the UK.  www.naac.co.uk

Royal Agricultural Society of England Membership is £40 a year, benefits include the Royal Show, information www.rase.org.uk


Herefordshire Rural Hub is a comprehensive source of information for farmers in the Herefs area which provides timely advice for regulations, deadlines, closing dates and grants; technical help for grass and arable; contacts and application forms for events such as LEAF Open Farm Sunday, open events and contacts with the numerous organisations that offer a service to farmers. A Rural Hub in the true sense of the word. The Hub coordinator is Cathy Meredith and the Administrator Frances Keogh. You can also follow us on twitter@Hfds_RuralHub and on Facebook - search Herefordshire Rural Hub


Webb Paton have an excellent page on entitlements, the trading of EU subsidies, subsidies and farm business tenencies www.webbpaton.co.uk/

Wright Hassall Solicitors  have published a useful guide to buying and selling farmland, it covers the pitfalls, methods of buying and selling, contracts, personal and property rights:

ADAS ADAS is a top farm consultancy, involved in many government sponsored studies and projects, but which also works for individual farmers and farm groups. www.adas.co.uk

Farming Futures provides inspiration and information on how to prepare your business for the impacts, opportunities, risks and responsibilities that climate change brings. It is a communications collaboration between the National Farmers' Union, Country Land and Business Association and the Agricultural and Horticultural Research Forum (representing the agricultural and horticultural levy boards), the Agricultural Industries Confederation, Forum for the Future and Defra. www.farmingfutures.org.uk/x8.xml

Agriclass is a fascinating directory of properly useful web sites. Don't visit unless you have a spare half hour, and only if it's raining!! This page is for machinery parts http://www.agriclass.co.uk/directory/machineryparts.html

Grainman Grainman is a direct link to Glencore Grain. Whether you need a price, check figures or are looking for a quote www.grainman.co.uk

The Farming Forum  A rapidly expanding forum site with members across the globe and now inside the top 1,000 websites in the UK. The site provides price monitoring and comparison, as well as workshop ideas, machinery, business and many other topics. https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/

Britishfarmingforum The discussion board every farmer should join. This dedicated forum is well moderated (no rubbish is included) and well organised. FARM IDEAS has adopted britishfarmingforum as it's discussion board of choice, and hope you will as well.

The Dairy Development centre is centred in Gelli Aur and provides technical and market information for farmers. Funded by the Welsh Assemby Government, Farming Connect (a publicly funded extension organisation) and DairyCo, the levy board. www.ddc-wales.co.uk

John Finnemore Advice on mole control www.walcotefarm.co.uk



A Better Mousetrap Genuinely impartial advice and help for inventors. Since 1983 Graham Barker and his colleagues have helped in some way with well over 5000 invention ideas providing inventors with the kind of impartial advice and help that is rarely available elsewhere. Their USP is ‘being there’ at the early stages of invention, when inventors need advisers and service providers who are sympathetic, knowledgeable and realistic in equal measure. http://www.abettermousetrap.co.uk/



Small Business Software Management Tool i.Agri Ltd develops and markets the 'Landmark Software for the Land and Small Business' range of software which is written specifically for farm and business accounting operations in all countries around the world. Our book keeping management software offers unique tools for financial planning, budgeting, invoicing and reporting. http://www.iagri.com/farming_sites.htm


RegenAG UK (RAUK) is a platform which connects farmers, smallholders, and other interested parties with leading pioneers and trainers/experts in Regenerative Agriculture - via short courses, seminars and workshops, and through advisors  www.regenag.co.uk 

BASE UK is for farmers & individuals who are interested in conservation agriculture and has been formed to run in parallel with the innovative and influential group led by Frederic Thomas with over 1,000 members. BASE stands for Biology Agriculture Soil & Environment and follows the principles of Conservation Agriculture which is fundamentally about carbon management in soil – based on 3 core principles: Minimum soil disturbance; Residue cover on the soil; Rotations.  www.base-uk.co.uk

Conservation Agriculture (CA) is an agro-ecological approach to farming which addresses the problems and weaknesses in conventional tillage agriculture. Zero or minimum soil disturbance using no-till seeding and weeding. Maintenance of permanent soil mulch covers in crop residues and growing cover crops. Cropping system diversity by crop rotations, associated cropping. www.conservation-agriculture.co.uk


Countryside matters A site which is exactly what is says! www.countrysidematters.org.uk

Living Countryside Living Countryside has been established to advance the education of the public in all aspects of agriculture, the countryside and the rural economy. www.ukagriculture.com

Tripod Interesting site providing very low cost web page design templates and internet stuff https://members.tripod.com

The Rodale Institute - regenerative agriculture The Rodale Institute researches and promotes regenerative agriculture from its California base. They say: "Regenerative Agriculture reminds us of the true importance of farmers in our society. The ridiculous image of the farmer as hick and redneck is forgotten. We remember that agriculture is the foundation of all civilization, that when you improve agriculture, you elevate the whole society. And we affirm that agriculture is an absolutely essential part of any world-wide effort to improve our environment and health." www.newfarm.org/index.shtml

Agriculture Farming general http://www.agriculture.com

Agrifor Farm education matters https://agrifor.ac.uk



Farmerstrader Provides a place to sell products, services and equipment on a site designed by farmers. Adverts cost from £5 a month www.farmerstrader.com

Agri-shop Ian Course is retailing a wide range of products, selling to farmers through his internet site with back-up telephone help. The website includes the sales price of most items, allowing for easy comparison. Product specifications are usefully described. Ian Course Tel: 01763 264396 / 260380 Mob: 07803 596660  Fax: 01763 263350 Email: sales@agri-shop.co.uk  Unit 1, The Paddock, North End, Meldreth, Royston, Herts., SG8 6NU    www.agri-shop.co.uk

Agritradingnet A place to buy and sell, but requires a subscription of £17.50 to join. www.agritrading.net

Agritel wrap and twine Agritel supplies a complete range of agricultural baler twines, netwrap and stretchwrap suited to the UK farmer and contractor. Ordering online enables you to buy Agritel agricultural packaging products at the cheapest prices. Recycling Farm Plastics Agritel offers a simple, cost-effective and sustainable solution to the problem of agricultural waste plastic. Compressing waste plastic into mill-sized bales makes it cheaper to transport and readily acceptable to recyclers, cutting the cost of disposal. www.agritelcroppackaging.co.uk

MachineryPete.com a fast growing marketplace in USA for buyers and sellers of used farm equipment offering farmers a vast selection of equipment listings in one place with innovative search tools. Founded in 1989 by Greg Peterson In Rochester, Minnesota in July of 2015, MachineryPete.com launched its marketplace with leading edge marketing solutions for dealers.

Euroagri A site for european farming http://www.euroagri.net

Muddymatches An on line dating site that's designed for country people. Simple and effective and of real value to those who have difficulty in meeting people with mud on their boots. The events sound like fun, happen in different parts of the country, and look like they're focussed at a group which is far wider than the Range Rover green welly brigade. www.muddymatches.co.uk



Junior Farmer - Farm toys shop stocking children's farm toys from Siku, Bruder and Britains toy tractors, Safari and Bullyland farm animals and playsets



The de Paor Consultancy Marketing consultancy established in March 1998, with a website that has numerous valuable links to Irish agriculture. Maria & Liam De Paor work with an independent team of professionals - these include an award winning copywriter, a talented designer and specialist photographers. www.depaor.ie/index.php



Irrigation This world site brings together all there is on irrigation, with links to products and suppliers, as well as a useful do-it-yourself section. An impressive amount of information, calalogued in an equally impressice way http://www.irrigation-hq.com/agriculturalirrigation/

Engineering tips
Useful site for farm engineeers and others  www.eng-tips.com

Farm Vehicles Worth a browse for anyone interested in farm machines  www.agricultural-vehicles.co.uk

Used Farm Tractor Sell or buy your used farm and construction machines on AgroMachine.com Site currently has 500 tractors in many countries. Detailed specifications, but few prices. Worth visiting if you're looking for something very specific - say a Fendt with creeper gears, front linkage etc, etc.   www.agromachine.com

All about chainsaws Everything Chain Saws, from 18v chainsaw to zip power parts for chain saws. Suppliers across the world, chainsaw history - a real mine of information. https://chainsawshq.com

TractorFinder TractorFinder.co.uk is a site operated by Motokov UK Ltd. It is designed to aid UK dealers in distributing their second hand tractors among each other and directly to customers.Simplicity and speed, they do not take percentages or charge any fees, and signup is also currently free. www.tractorfinder.co.uk

tractors-direct tractors-direct.com carries on-line small ads for tractors, machinery and parts. Buyers and sellers deal direct cutting costs and commissions. Advertise your tractor for £5 with a FREE colour photograph. www.tractors-direct.com


Knight Farm Machinery On-line parts from Knight Farm Machinery. Comprehensive but slow loading site with prices - you have to know what you want. Not much of a browse, but with Dowdeswell landslides at £10.35 when we looked, value is there. Parts are not original but pattern substitutes. www.agri-part.com

Claas Site of the German machinery manufacturer of combines, foragers, rakes and much else besides   www.claas.de

FL912 Deutz FL912 engines and spare parts, tractors & tractor spare parts. Indian exporters with complete range for Deutz FL-912 3,4,6 cylinder e-mail: windexp@india.com



BBCi BBCi is a first-class search engine which is selective - so you spend less time reading unwanted material www.bbc.co.uk

Agrisearch.net Easy to use site provides a directory of UK farming sites on the net. http://www.agrisearch.co.uk

First4Farming First4Farming is the online agricultural shop window for farming and rural industries and is open and available to everyone throughout the supply chain from farmer to retailer. Within this site you can browse the latest news, weather and market price information.

agriplantdirect A well organised site which allows you to search for what you want, where you want it. There's enough on-site to make it worth looking at, and more will come, because it's so well built.

Globalfarmers Globalfarmers is an agricultural trading company dedicated to sourcing competitively priced inputs for UK arable, livestock and dairy farmers. globalfarmers source the inputs from a network of UK suppliers and offer an independent and non-biased price to the farmer. www.globalfarmers.com

Internet company The Internet Resource for the Agricultural Community. Agricultural Search Engine, Web Site Design & Hosting.   www.agriserve.com/

Gofarmer.com Gofarmer.com - online market place for farmers and smallholders to buy and sell farm machinery & livestock, list farm B&B's, farm shops and home grown produce.   www.gofarmer.com

Farmsearch Rural Properties in a centralised national register of rural and agricultural property. www.farmsearch.co.uk

Your MP Find your MP's contact details, and see what their stance is on farming issues http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/

Link Wales Cadwyn Cumru We are a member owned co operative who currently have 1900 members in Wales, and are one of 12 similar businesses through Wales and England. www.walesmr.com/index.php?page=29885098⟨=2



Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. are one of the largest AGCO dealers in the UK, representing MF, Fendt, Challenger andCaterpillar along with a full range of complementary machinery from leading manufacturers.   www.chandlersfe.co.uk/



Letham Shank Farm on the River Tweed in Northumberland provides details of cropping, machinery used and a diary of the farming year, with a selection of images, and information about farming and food production. Farm IDEAS Web Award for information and being kept well up to date.   www.lethamshank.co.uk/

Grendon House Farm is a well diversified farm in North Warwickshire which makes the most of its assets and location www.grendonhousefarm.co.uk/single.htm?ipg=5279

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