98 # Aug - Nov 2016 Vol 25-2

98 # Aug - Nov 2016 Vol 25-2
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97 # May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1

97 #  May - Aug 2016 Vol 25-1
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96 # Feb - May 2016 Vol 24-4

96 # Feb - May 2016 Vol 24-4
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Informative - always interesting - First Class magazine

C R Hatter & Son, Spalding Lincs

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Farm machinery and other tips from practical, ingenious farmers

Farmers make their machines safer, faster, quieter, and do repairs that make them more durable. Others build machines from scratch, using donor parts where possible.

Practical Farm Ideas lets farmers share these methods - as shown in the examples below.

Here are thousands of ideas - from just 99p

If you have a particular project in mind - a log splitter; high security workshop door; cattle handling… look up the articles we have on the topic using Site search (top of col on right). There's always a free article (5th block, rt hand col)

Want to browse a wider selection? Select one of the indexes, like Arable Articles; Workshop methods, tips and ideas; Livestock Articles;

Each issue has 30 - 40 projects plus many other articles on farm finance, markets and news and can be bought singly. Or get the lot with the every issue Expert Pack at £149.60

Message from the Editor

Since a teenager I've been interested in DIY farm projects. When I started farming myself I became frustrated by mainstream magazines that failed to mention these ideas, so my wife and I started PFI in 1992, and now have 12,000 or so farmers reading each issue. They come from all over the world:  farmers have the same problems wherever they are. The publication is all editorial and financed by the readers - just the way it should be. Take a walk through these pages, and then get innovating!  All the best, and thanks for looking.

 Mike Donovan, editor & publisher


*  cage means no straps on bale trailer
*  secure load
*  unique farm design
* workshop project

Alistair Taylor, CEO of the Institute of Agricultural Engineers, presents Practical Farm Ideas editor Mike Donovan with their 2016 journalism award. The winning article features the development of a driverless tractor, powered by diesel-electric which has a service life many times that of a standard tractor transmission.
*  zero mastitis in 2010
*  inexpensive and remarkable
Mobile 'in-field' calving box

*  easy to move from one field to another

*  calving cow walks in easily

*  saves calves, reduces calving stress, one person machine

*  simple to make in farm workshop

Aims and purpose of Practical Farm Ideas

1. Sharing details of valuable cost-cutting ideas

2. Improving farmers' business expertise

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'Made it Myself' Tip-up cattle crush
Home made tip-up crush
John Deere 750A seed drill modifications
Adapted 750A drill
Fendt rear wheel weight handler
Rear wheel weight handler
Farm trailer refurb
Beaver trailer fully refurbed
Land Rover Defender canopy lock
Simple Defender canopy lock
Land Rover Discovery converted to farm truck
MOT failure still useful

Included in every issue:


Soil and Cover Cropping International

This section has been included in each issue since Vol 22 issue 2 (#86) and now totals over 60 pages. No advertising, clear easy-to-follow writing, it covers visits to many no-till farms. Some have been at it for years, and others still feeling their way. As in the rest of the magazine, no ads makes it easy to describe every cost cutting tip, and easy to point out defects and sales methods to beware of. The very first of these sections describes a home made compost turner (using a truck rear axle) and a crimper roller used to terminate cover crops.

The world agricultural industry is at the dawn of a new era. Chemical farming is being challenged by a new agri revolution that is more exciting and potentially productive than any seen for decades. This major section of each issue describes the practical ways farmers are harnessing biology to reduce costs, lift soil condition and create profits. Farmers are finding greater returns and job satisfaction with no-till.

Damaged soil with no organic matter   healthy soil with earth worm   Home made plant population calculator   Over-worked soil which needs improvement   No-till winter wheat trial comparison 
Click for details
Soil with poor organic content; Three years into soil improvement; Home designed plant population calculator;  
Conventional land doesn't drain well; Comparison of nine different direct drills (2014 harvest)
2. Lifting farmers' business knowledge
  -  financial - budgets, performance
  -  forecasting, measuring and controlling risk
  -  legal - company structure, succession

  - See more at: http://www.farmideas.co.uk/#sthash.oUK2VPII.dpuf
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