109# May-Aug 2019 Vol 28-1

109# May-Aug 2019 Vol 28-1
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108# Feb-May 2019 Vol 27-4

108# Feb-May 2019 Vol 27-4
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107# Nov18-Feb 2019 Vol 27-3

107# Nov18-Feb 2019 Vol 27-3
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I must say I find your magazine a cover-to-cover read the moment it hits the mat!

Mike Courtington

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A catalyst for change

 innovative methods from hands-on farmers

'if you don't change your methods, you won't change your results' (attributed to Albert Einstein)

Workshop projects;  practical farm management - arable, livestock, dairy; financial; soil management; international farm news. 12,000 readers in UK, Ireland and another 12 countries

48 all-editorial pages published quarterly
Just four of 4,000 projects and innovations published since 1992
Grassland aerator made using trailed Vicon Olympus mowerGRASSLAND: Aerator
made by editor Mike Donovan  Vol 1-1  Soil improver for grassland raised grass yield 30%
No-till seed drill made from all spare parts
ARABLE: No-till drill Vol 26-1  made for £5k in 2008 and plants 700ac/yr. Based on Bomford cultivator frame
Land Rover Discovery converted for farm transport work
LIVESTOCK: Discovery conversion Vol 23-1. There are others in Vol 25-3  Serious re-using that saves ££thousands
Milking cluster with home made reverse flushing
DAIRY: Home made cluster flusher gives amazing mastitis reduction  Vol 20-3  Not to be overlooked.

... posted to subscribers, available in shops

We visit innovative farmers across the country and overseas. Please contact us if you have projects!!

Arable and livestock; complex and simple; one-off ideas modified and built from scratch. Farming ideas which readers will not have seen before.

Each issue includes

Soil+ Cover Cropping International

Since 2013. More than 120 full pages of editorial on Soil. Articles describe how conventional farmers have changed to no-till; selecting cover crops; how they have improved soil structures, fertility. The ONLY farming magazine with 'SOIL' in the title.

Have you seen these issues?
Practical Farm Ideas magazine Vol 25-2  farming on Salisbury Plain Practical Farm Ideas Vol 25-1 Herefordshire farmer; Groundswell No-Till farm visit Practical Farm Ideas Vol 24-4 Mobile cattle handler; renovating grassland Practical Farm Ideas Vol 24-3 Driverless tractor; cow cubicle brush
  -  legal - company structure, succession
  - See more at: https://www.farmideas.co.uk/#sthash.oUK2VPII.dpuf

Annual UK subscription  £16.50. Back issues available. Every issue published

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